About The Senior Gazette

stock-vector-old-man-with-tablet-computer-93636688So all those young whipper snappers in our families said technology had passed us by. We could never figure out how to use an iPod, iPad, laptop, or 3D HDTV, much less branch out onto the internet. Well take a look at me there with my fancy computer tablet. I figured out how to use it all by myself.

As for the internet, well me and three of my senior buddies figured out how to setup a website. Yeah, this one as a matter of fact. Hosting, buying a domain, creating webpages… we have got it all down.

We now have a voice that we can share with anyone in the world. If you told any of us 15 years ago that we would be running our own website… well we probably would have asked you what a website was. That time has long gone though. We old timers dedicated ourselves and are now running technology circles around our younger, more hip family members.

With great power comes great responsibility. Yeah, see we are hip to the pop culture references. So we figured out how to setup a website, but what should we do with it was the question. Well, we decided to write about what we know. Our intention is to share our experiences about being a senior citizen. Topics might range from healthcare, and more importantly health insurance, keeping healthy into your later years, managing your money in retirement, or finding the best bingo games in your area.

We hope you enjoy our little site