Is it Time to Check Your Medigap Rate?

Is it Time to Check Your Medigap Rate?

Is it time for Medigap quotesA client recently contacted me because she felt like the insurance company from which she was purchasing her Texas Medicare supplemental insurance was no longer competitive.  Her rates, like most, had gone up.  But one thing she had failed to do when she first purchased her Texas Medigap plan was to really shop around.  Unfortunately, when a person is turning 65 they get inundated with such a large amount of information about Medicare and Medicare insurance that many just block it all out and go with what they know.  They often stick with an insurance company with which they are familiar and purchase from them. Sticking with the familiar is often the easiest course of action. When you already feel confident in a company you can throw all that mail in the trash.  That is what this lady from Texas had done, until she became aware that she was paying too much for her insurance.

She sent me an email asking about the differences in Medicare supplement Plan F and Plan G and for some quotes.  I explained that the only difference in the two plans is who pays the Medicare Part B deductible.  With Medigap Plan F, the insurance company pays and with Plan G you do.  If Plan G saves you more than the deductible costs, and you don’t mind paying the deductible yourself (some people don’t want to mess with it), then Medigap Plan G is the better deal.  I sent her some quotes, and she found what she was looking for.  She picked out a Texas Medicare supplement plan from Continental Life that saved her $536.00!  She had the exact same coverage that she had before, but a lot more money left in her pocket.

Perhaps it is time for you to get some Medigap quotes and find yourself some savings. If you do request insurance quotes, always use a single independent insurance agent or agency.  They are not limited to selling Texas Medicare supplement insurance from one company, so you are much more likely to get unbiased information.  Good luck and hope find some savings.


  1. Melissa says:

    Good article and great information for those needing a Medicare Supplement Policy. Like all things we purchase, competitive quotes are always necessary to save money.